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Knowledgebase: Video Editing
Create Video Segments

Or Trim and Crop a Video Using Handbrake Video Transcoder

The Internet is filled with articles and videos about Handbrake compressing the size of a video file.  The Handbrake Video Transcoder application also offers many other video editing capabilities.

This article illustrates the process of breaking up a large video file into several, smaller segments.  This is necessary to upload a video file greater than 1 gigabit to a cloud servers due to file upload size limit imposed by most browsers.

1. Click on the Handbrake iconHandBrake Iconto open the application.

2. A video file is selected by clicking on the Source button in the toolbar. Select the File: Open a single video file optionNavigate to the desired video file and click Open.

Open a File

3. In the row of fields under the Source header, choose Seconds where Chapters is selected by default.

Change to Seconds

4. After Seconds is selected, the Duration fields allow a user to define the second of the Source video at which the new video will begin. The first field with 00:00:00 is the second at which to start, followed by the word through and another field with 00:00:00, which is the second of the Source video at which to end the new video.

For example, to create three, 30-second video clips from a 1 minute-30 second video, the Duration fields for the first clip will be set to 00:00:00-00:00:30.

Change Duration

5. Select a location and name for the first video segment. Click Start to create a new video that will be the first clip, or Part 1.

Create Part 1

6. A progress bar appears at the bottom of the Handbrake window while the new video is being created.


7. After the video is produced, the Handbrake window remains unchanged. Simply alter the times in the Duration fields and the name in the Destination field to set up the second video clip, or Part 2. Click Start to create the second video clip.

Create Part 2

8. Repeat until the entire video has been saved into various segments.

9. Add each video segment in sequence to the playlist.  The software moves between video segments seamlessly and playback looks like one video to the users.

The HandBrake video transcoder offers a multitude of methods to customize the video production settings.  This document is meant to outline a process as simply as possible.  Please see the Handbrake Documentation for more information about video production settings.