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Breeze Training
All Breeze users are encouraged to utilize the free training resources!  The free "Getting Started" training videos are condensed lessons covering the same topics as the recorded "Session 1" training video series.

Free Training Resources

     Free Training Videos

     User Manuals & Other Documentation


Purchased Training

Purchased training sessions provide one-on-one Internet training through a shared screen via GoToMeeting.


Session 1 has been recorded so users can learn the basics at their leisure.  Recorded training also provides the ability to watch and re-watch the videos until users are comfortable with the basics.

To get the most out of the recorded training video series, please pause the video after a short interval, access your Breeze server and repeat the demonstrated process or technique.  Recorded training is divided into four videos, one for each lesson:

Breeze Overview - Part1 - Getting Started
 Breeze Overview - Part2 - Design Fundamentals

 Breeze Overview - Part3 - Scheduler Tool
 Breeze Overview - Part4 - Player Management

If your facility purchased training sessions but did not receive recorded training video series, please contact

Live Webinar

After the concepts presented in Session 1 are mastered, Session 2 can be scheduled by contacting  

Those who purchased training are still encouraged to utilize the free online resources such as the Free Training Videos and User Manuals & Other Documentation!  Gaining experience with the software prior to live training ensures users get the most out of the session.

The first hour of live training follows the Session 2 lesson plan on the training chart:

Training Chart 

Please contact to schedule a live training session.  You will be provided with a list of available dates and times.  Sessions are reserved by clients on a first-come, first-serve basis so please respond in a timely manner to schedule a session.  Once the training session is scheduled, you will receive the information needed to access the one-on-one webinar session.

Finally, for training beyond Session 1 and Session 2, lessons are selected from the Advanced Training area.  Depending on the purpose of the digital signage system, not all users will require all lessons.

Additional training hours can be purchased at any time.


On-site Training

Finally, on-site training brings a Keywest Technology trainer to your facility.  On-site training is scheduled by contacting