Background Audio in Breeze

Background Audio in Breeze

Getting Started

Adding background audio to Breeze is a Breeze! Some options for adding background audio include: 

  • Audio Files
  • CloudCover
  • Hardwired to a Player
  • Radio Station URLs
  • YouTube Widget

Read on to find out how to utilize each of these options in your Breeze Digital Signage Software. 

Audio Files 

Here at Keywest, we recommend MP3 or WAV files for use in Breeze.  These files can be added directly to the playlist itself from your file tree, and it will automatically create a background audio zone for you.  To use an audio file, simply upload the file from your computer to the Breeze File Tree in the Editor. Then, click and drag the file to the Editor Canvas. Now, Breeze will create a background audio zone for you. Note: AAC files are not currently supported.

Pandora Cloud Cover

Pandora Cloud Cover is a third party paid service that works directly with Breeze. Cloud Cover offers music and audio, specifically designed for business, to ensure that the music you’re playing is royalty free, properly licensed, audience friendly, and ad free.  You must have an account with Cloud Cover in order to use a Cloud Cover URL.  Cloud Cover is implemented within the Players tab of your server, rather than editor. Click here for a guide on how to utilize a Cloud Cover URL on your Breeze player. 

Hardwired to a Player 

If your Breeze player has a MIC or Line input available, it's possible to hardwire any 3.5mm input audio device to the player to utilize background audio from the audio device.  To do so is simple: attach the audio device to the player, then, head to the players page, and under Advanced Settings, check the box next to "Enable Audio In". Once this is enabled, click "update player" and "restart APP". Click here for a guide on how to enable external audio on your Breeze player.

Radio Station URLS

For a Radio Station URL, you are able to use a MP3 or AAC URL from a local radio station, or from trusted internet source. We recommend getting the URLs from TuneIN, an MP3 URL source. If you need assistance finding a URL, please reach out to our support team for assistance. To use a URL, add a Audio Streaming Widget to your playlist, then input the URL and save. Click here for a guide on how to utilize our Audio Streaming Widget.

Youtube Videos

To use a YouTube video audio, you will use the YouTube widget inside the Breeze Editor.  As a best practice, create a zone as small as possible, then add the YouTube Widget to the zone. Then, reorder and put this zone in the background behind all other zones so that it isn't seen on the playlist itself. Click here for a guide on how to utilize YouTube as background audio.