Breeze & Power BI

Breeze & Power BI

Breeze can be integrated with Power BI to display a dynamically updating Microsoft Power BI report.

Power BI provides businesses a way to illustrate and share data online using a unified, scalable platform.  A "common workflow" in Power BI consists of creating reports from a variety of linked data sources, publishing to the Power BI service and sharing with users, according to this Power BI Overview article.

The Power BI account must first be integrated with the Breeze server to obtain authorized, secured communication.  Next, the Microsoft Power BI Report widget is linked to a published report.  Finally, deploy the playlist content and Breeze automatically updates the graphical data at the specified interval.

Microsoft Power BI Report Widget

Displaying a Power BI report is simple: just enter the Group ID and the Report ID from a published report into a Microsoft Power BI Report widget.  The Group ID and the Report ID are accessible in the Power BI service web browser address bar while viewing the report.

Display a Microsoft Power BI Report
  1. Open the report in the Power BI service.

  2. Copy the Group ID and the Report ID from the web browser address bar.

    The Group ID is a series of alphanumeric digits and dashes following the "" portion of the web address.  After the Group ID is the word "reports," encased in forward slashes, and another series of alphanumeric digits and dashes.  This second series is the Report ID.

  3. In Breeze, create a new Microsoft Power BI Report widget.

  4. Enter the Group ID and the Report ID into the corresponding fields in the Breeze widget.

  5. Click OK to close the Microsoft Power BI Report widget window.

  6. Save the playlist.  This action prompts the Breeze server to retrieve the report from Power BI.
The Power BI report is now visible in the Editor and is ready to be sent to the player.

When a report contains multiple pages, the Page Change Delay indicates the length of time to display each page.

Refresh Interval, located at the bottom of the Microsoft Power BI Report widget window, indicates the rate at which Breeze will check for updates to the Power BI report.  It is most efficient for the time interval to reflect the rate at which reports in the Power BI service are updated.

Multiple reports can be displayed by creating multiple widgets containing different Report IDs.

Breeze & Power BI Integration

The integration process begins in the Breeze Configuration tool with the Authorize Keywest Technology App Integration button.

A new Microsoft login browser window opens to obtain authorization using a Power BI account.

The Power BI user account must have admin role permissions on the workspace so it has full authorization to the workspace, not just to a report or reports within the workspace.  (This authorization allows Breeze to generate report tokens required to display reports.)

Integration can be verified in the Configuration tool, where "App Authorized" is now displayed over the Authorize Keywest Technology App Integration button.

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. The Microsoft Power BI Report widget displays only reports, not dashboards, datasets or workspaces.
  1. If Power BI is not used for more than 2 weeks, it must be reauthorized.  Go to the Configuration tool and select the Authorize Keywest Technology App Integration button.  (The user account and password are stored in the Breeze system and will not need re-entered.)

  2. The Power BI key expires every two years.

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