Getting Started with Breeze

Getting Started with Breeze

What is Breeze?

Breeze is a digital signage cloud based SAAS software, which means that it is a software implemented as a service within our network centric, secure cloud. For you, this means you can easily access the software- and your signage assets- without the need of a specific installer or external device, like a USB or CD. Breeze is accessed via an internet connection, making it easier and more time and financially efficient to utilize. You can utilize Breeze in a number of ways for your business to enhance your customer and employee experience. Breeze offers a drag and drop format, in which your content is then added to playlists. Playlists are then able to be added to players, also known as your digital sign.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy! Navigate to Google Chrome, enter your server link in the address bar, and enter your password. Now, you are in your Breeze server. Here we can see that our screen is broken up into different sections, including a toolbar. There are three sections on the toolbar: editor, which is used to create our playlists, Scheduler, which is used to choose when playlists will be played, and players, which is utilized to view what players are showing and how they are functioning.

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